Welcome to Our Parish

Welcome to Our Lady of Victories Catholic Parish

At Our Lady of Victories Catholic Parish, Horsley Park and Kemps Creek, we are a family gathered through faith in God, to share our gifts and celebrate life in the service of each other, while reaching out to the wider community. 


Dear Parishioners and Friends                                                                                    26 March 2020

Effective immediately and until further notice the following restrictions will apply in relation to Masses and other devotions at Our Lady of Victories, as decreed by the Archdiocese of Sydney.

Suspension of all Masses and other devotions

All Masses and other communal devotions, whether inside the church or outdoors, are suspended.  All churches must be closed, even to private prayer.

We are all encouraged to continue to keep Sunday holy by setting aside time for prayer at home, reading the Scriptures, praying the Rosary and other devotions, watch Mass on television or online and to continue to ask God for the grace which would normally be received in Holy Communion.


            All baptisms are postponed for at least 6 months.  If the child is sick or in danger of death, please call the Parish office.


            All are encouraged to continue their own examination of conscience and making the Act of Contrition until confessions are reinstated and you are dispensed from your annual duty until such time as it is possible to resume and fulfil them.


            Funerals may only be celebrated with ONLY 10 people in attendance at the church, but will still be subject to physical distancing, hygiene and other public health precautions.


            Weddings may be celebrated with ONLY 5 people in attendance at the church, but will still be subject to physical distancing, hygiene and other public health precautions.

Visits to the Sick

            Anointing of the sick is still possible TO THOSE WHO ARE GRAVELY ILL OR DYING on request in accordance with the current public health advice and precautions.  Please contact the Parish office to arrange.

If you are elderly and need assistance with shopping, etc, please call our office and we will try to assist by putting you in touch with parishioners who have offered their support in this way. If you are needing spiritual guidance you can call our Parish office and Father can call you back and speak with you by phone.  Please ensure you leave your name and contact number clearly.

Good Friday Statues

 In Mediterranean culture, Good Friday has a special characteristic, foreign to an Anglo-Celtic culture.
The use of statues in popular religion is very common. This practice started during the period known in European History as The Middle Ages. The poor, uneducated peasants needed help to support their faith. Biblical scenes were painted and sculptored to help them.
This type of culture originated in Spain, but it slowly spread to other Mediterranean countries, under Spanish influence. Thus the south of Italy and Malta also share in this culture.

To help the illiterate people meditate the passion of Our Lord, especially on Good Friday, a set of statues was prepared and taken out in a procession around the village. People watched, carried the statues or took part in this pilgrimage.
This expression of popular faith did not stop with the Middle Ages, but was carried on to modern times.

Many members of the Horsley Park community are emigrants, who left their home land between 1930’s and 1970’s. They carried with them their culture and symbols which helped them connect with the way they used to live their faith back home.

One of these symbols which the community of Horsley Park has, is a set of eight statues which represent the Passion of Our Lord.  Each year, in the weeks leading up to Good Friday, these statues are placed in the body of the church and on Good Friday, following the liturgical celebration of the Passion of Our Lord, these statues are taken out in procession.